Positions Held

I love to take on responsible positions at college so that I can make my college a better place and at the same time develop my personality.

IEEE, NIT Warangal

Technical Secretary

IEEE, NIT Warangal (2014)

I am re-chosen as the technical secretary again, and this time my vision extends even more. Now, we look for more associations in the R10 region.

Technical Secretary

IEEE, NIT Warangal (2013)

I have organised many workshops for students in and out of my college which helped me develop both my personal and technical skills.

Executive Member

IEEE, NIT Warangal (2012)

Looking my extreme enthusiasm and the ideas I have to improve the quality of research in the university, I was positioned as the executive member.

ECE Association, NIT Warangal

Additional Secretary

ECE Assocication, NIT Warangal (2014-15)

I was selected as the additional secretary of the association again. This time, we specially concentrate on helping the students improve their all round performance.

Joint Secretary

ECE Association, NIT Warangal (2012-13)

Being the joint secretary, I organised events for the students to boost their interest towards electronics.