Internships | Work

  • Portable Corneal Topographer at LVPEI-MITRA, Hyderabad, India

    LVPEI-MITRA is a unique collaborative program between the LV Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad and Emerging Worlds, MIT Media Lab to build and deploy the next generation of screening, diagnostic and therapeutic tools for eye care. I worked there as a Part Time Engineer on a project that aims to build a portable hand-held corneal topographer. I implemented an algorithm to reconstruct the corneal topography from a placido ring image. (code)

  • Algorithms for SAR data processing, at DRDO, Hyderabad, India

    This was part of my final year thesis on the Development of Chirp Scaling and Range Doppler Algorithms for processing SAR data with Defense Research Development Organisation (DRDO), India under the supervision of the head of our department, Dr. T. Kishore Kumar. We implemented both the algorithms and compared them in terms of accuracy, resolution and time complexity using MATLAB.

  • Quantification of Red Reflex, at CYIENT (by MIT Media Lab), Hyderabad, India - 1 week

    Our work aims at designing a low cost device that can quantify the red reflex of the eye to assist in distinguishing a normal eye and a pathology. (About the Workshop) (Video Snippets) (Blog1) (Blog2)

  • Image-based Navigation, at RWTH Aachen, Germany

    We propose a novel approach of precise localization on predeļ¬ned routes with the help of smartphones and image processing techniques. From an initial acquisition of a given route, a three-dimensional reconstruction is created. A query image is submitted to the database and the location and direction of the camera are calculated. (Timeline) (Paper yet to be published)

  • Suspicious Activity Detection, at IISc Bangalore, India

    A novel system has been proposed that remotely hovers over a crowd to monitor suspicious activities performed by people. The pose of each person is extracted and matched to the poses in the suspicious action dataset. If a match is found, the person is marked in red. (Timeline) (Paper)

  • Telecom Implant Training, at RTTC Hyderabad, at BSNL India

    This course investigates control design for mobile robots, including topics such as dynamical systems, state-space based control design, nonlinear and hybrid robot models, and advanced navigation strategies.

  • Intern Technical Associate, at ARK Technosolutions, India

    I worked as an intern Technical Associate for the ARK Techno solutions. I was trained on Arduino interfacing with various I/O devices. Then I successfully completed projects like accelerometer controlled robot, motion controlled game in processing, line following robot, touch screen based robot and PC application.