Mobile Game Piano Tiles Automated

Solving the game Piano Tiles on mobile using MATLAB with the concepts of machine learning and image processing. This video on YouTube went viral and has garnered more than 110,000 views. (video link)

Motor Vechile Black Box

A circuit that can track various parameters from a moving car and display them locally and also upload the same data to the cloud. (video link)

Mobile Game Stick Hero Automated

The Android Game Stick Hero has been automated (video link)

Mobile Game Draw a Box Automated

The Android Game draw a box has been automated (video link)

Mobile Game Sudoku Free Automated

The Android game Sudoku free has been automated. (video link)

Wearable LED wrist band

A wrist band that has LEDs on top of it which can glow. (video link)

Move Game Automated

This is the walkthrough of the game Move solved using an algorithm written in MATLAB. Concepts of image processing have been used to detect the blocks. (video link)

Electronics week

A week where I decide to spend all the free time I have on building electronic circuits. (video link)

Virtual Piano using Glove

Design of a glove that can be used to play sounds on the piano. (video link)

Virtual Keyboard

Design of a keyboard using electronics and simple logistics. (video link)

Room Status Indicator

An LED matrix that depicts the status of the person inside the room- like sleeping, awake, busy, etc., (video link)

Memory Game

A game that will help children improve their memory. (video link)

Metal Detector Circuit

An LED that glows whenever a metal is detected. (video link)

Wireless Energy Transfer

Transmitter and receiver circuit for wireless energy transfer. (video link)

Robotic Head

A prototype of a robotic head that can track humans by detecting their faces. (video link)

Arduino Plays Piano Tiles

We built a circuit that could play piano tiles on an Android tablet. It could beat several world records by humans. (video link)

Internet based Home Automation

Control of home appliances through the internet. (video link)

Speech based Automation

Control the home appliances through speech. (video link)

Remote based Automation

Control your home appliances with a remote. (video link)

Remote Controlled Light

Control single light (230V ac) with an old TV remote. (video link)

Projects using Arduino

Worked on more than 15 mini arduino projects involving various modules. (video link)

Line Follower

Design of a line follower robot without using a microcontroller. (video link)

Mini Projects

Designed and implemented 10 different mini electronic circuits. (video link)

Ball follower robot

Designed a robot that can follow a uniformly colored ball. (video link)

Maze Solver Robot

Simulation of a modified version of the flood-fill algorithm. (video link)

Self Stabilised Platform

A self stabilising platform is modelled in AutoCAD 3D. (video link)

Self Stabilised Robot

A robot that balances itself on two wheels. (video link)

Gmail Inbox Retrival

Gmail inbox retrival from Ubuntu terminal using atom feeds. (video link)

Proxy Speed Detector

Detecting the speed of each proxy from Ubuntu terminal. (video link)

Javascript Application for iOS

A paint brush game, developed on processing for iOS platform. (video link)

Solar Powered Micro Inverter

Design of micro inverter powered by a solar panel. (video link)

Solar Powered Electric Fence

Design of electric fence powered by a solar panel (video link)

CGPA Calculator

An Android application for calculating GPA, given the grades in all subjects. (video link)

Feel Home

The windows phone application sends an automated message when you're at a place. (video link)

Android Application

Walking animation in an android application for a game. (video link)

Mouse control with face

Control of mouse pointer of the computer, using your face movements. (video link)

Mouse control with finger

Control of mouse pointer of computer, using your finger movements. (video link)

Hand Writing Recognition

A hand written document, is convert to digital (.doc) format. (video link) v1

The first version of my website. (video link) v2

The second version of my website. (video link)

Varma's Charity

Website for a non-profit organisation. (video link)

Speed Math

An Android application that helps the user increase his speed in math. (video link)

Game Development

Developed various games using the allegro graphics laboratory. (video link)

Chess and Sudoku Solver

Development of a chess game and a sudoku solver in C++. (video link)

Dave Clone

A game similar to dave created using allegro library in c++ (video link)

Pickin Sticks

A game developed where the user has to run around to collect the stick without hitting the walls. (video link)


The snake gets bigger as it eats more of the food. (video link)


Mutiplayer game where on person has to chase and catch the other. (video link)


A game with bullets simulated. (video link)