OpenCV with Python for Beginners

Gain a basic understanding of how to use OpenCV with Python to build cool apps in this step-by-step course. (hosted on (series)

Image Processing in MATLAB

Teaches everything you need to know about the image processing toolbox of MATLAB to get started on cool projects (series)

Building Electronic Circuits

Teaches you how to build simple electronic circuits and various ways of testing them. (series)


This tutorial series will be very helpful to implement complex image processing algorithms (from OpenCV) in an easy and efficient way. (series)

Network Simulator - 3

Basics of Network Simulator 3 on Ubuntu. These tutorials have also been published in ns-3's official website. (series)

Implementing Optic Disc Localization

This video teaches how to implement the algorithm from the research paper step-by-step. (video)

Retinal Image Processing

Understanding the algorithm for optic disc localization using histogram matching (video)

ECG Signal Processing

Detecting R peaks in an ECG signal using the concepts of pipeline. (video)

Basics of Image Processing

Teaches basics of image processing in a short video (video)

Mouse/Keyboard Control thorugh MATLAB

Using java libraries to control mouse and keyboard through MATLAB. (video)

Arduino Plays Piano Tiles

Teaches you how to build a circuit that can solve the mobile game Piano Tiles (video)

Projects Guide for Electronics and Image Processing

This is a short guide on get started and get going with electronics and image processing projects. (video)

Applying for DAAD

This video teaches students the procedure for applying for DAAD scholarship (video)

Arduino Plays Stick Hero

This video teaches you how to built a circuit that can play the mobile game Stick Hero. (video)

Animating Projectile Motion on MATLAB

This video explain how to code projectile motion in MATLAB. (video)

Making your own toolbox on MATLAB

This video helps you learn how to build your own toolbox in MATLAB. (video)